U.S. military kills 2 al-Shabab militants in southern Somalia.

The United States military on Saturday said its special forces on Friday conducted an airstrike against al-Shabab terrorists in southern Somalia, killing two militants.

Al-Shabaab fighters Source: AFP The U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) which oversees American troops on the African continent said in a statement that the latest strike was conducted in cooperation with Somali government near Jamaame, Lower Juba Region. AFRICOM said no civilians were injured or killed in the airstrike.

The statement said al-Shabab group has now been pushed back up the Lower Juba River Valley. “Our Somali security partners have built combat outposts and have created more stability in the valley,’’ William West, AFRICOM deputy director of operations, said in the statement.

Aviation College llorin gets new approval to train pilots for another two years West added that the Somalia government has increased its governance in the region which is vital to create durable and long-term stability.