AMISOM launches roads rehabilitation project in Dhobley, in Somalia’s Lower Jubba region.

Dhobley:- Roads in Dhobley town, in Somalia’s Lower Jubba region, will receive a major facelift, following the commencement of rehabilitation works, launched on Saturday, by the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

The project to rehabilitate the town’s infrastructure is being undertaken as part of the civil-military cooperation between AMISOM and the local administration, with the aim of facilitating movement of people and goods, while meeting the objectives of the Mission’s Concept of Operations (CONOPS).

“Dhobley is one of the key population centers that we are currently securing and we cannot secure the population center if the roads and infrastructure are in bad shape,” Brigadier General Dickson Ruto, the Commander of the AMISOM Kenyan contingent said.

The AU troops also plan to secure Main Supply Routes and other major population centers outside Dhobley.

“Once we are through with Dhobley town, we will proceed to other major populations which link with Dhobley,” Brigadier Ruto noted.

Accompanied by the local administration, the Sector 2 contingent commander toured Dhobley town and discussed further areas of cooperation. He expressed AMISOM’s commitment to working harmoniously with civilians and local authorities in their Areas of Operation.

Siyad Mohamed Hassan, the Administrator of Dhobley town lauded AMISOM’s engagements in the grassroots. He said the roads rehabilitation project was timely and would ease transportation of goods and movement of people during the rainy season.

“We identified critical areas where we require support and requested AMISOM to provide assistance. The roads repair is one of them,” stated Mr. Siyad.

“We are also collaborating with AMISOM on security matters to support the fulfillment of their mandate. AMISOM has been very helpful in securing and protecting populations in this region,” he added.