Al-Shabaab IED expert detained in Somalia.

MOGADISHU—Somali forces have succeeded to capture Al-Shabaab’s IED bomb expert. The troops raided the house of the unnamed militant and detained him.

The militants who name was not unveiled are believed to behind the bombings in the capital. His capture was exposed on Twitter by Somali spy agency saying that the arrest was executed by forces acting on intelligence.

“Following intelligence report shared with the forces, an hours-long operation was conducted in Mogadishu, the suspect is believed to fit IEDs onto vehicles (IED expert),” the Twitter post reads in part.

The move comes as Somali forces backed AMISOM troops have strengthened operations against Al-Shabaab fighters in Somalia.

Al-Shabaab has intensified attacks in the Somali capital for the past few weeks killing over forty residents. The Mogadishu truck bombing that killed over five hundred Somali citizens involved fitting of IED in a truck.