Somali Security Force Arrest Senior Al-Shabaab Commander.

Somali security forces have arrested a senior Al-Shabaab commander during a sting operation carried out on Wednesday night in southern region,

the government said on Thursday. The ministry of information which did not provide the identity of the senior Al-Shabaab fighter being held said four civilians were injured during the security raid at Ugunji village in Lower Shabelle.

“The four were in a car and failed to stop after repeated warnings. In fact, they actually sped up towards the force,” said the ministry in the statement. The ministry said the security forces provided medical aid to the injured four civilians and later released them.

“We are asking all to always respect and obey safety orders of all security forces. They are risking their lives for your well being. Do not force them to make risk to force decisions,” it said.

The Somali security forces backed by allied forces have stepped up their air and ground operations against the militants in the Horn of Africa nation despite the militants’ continued resistance.

Source: Xinhua