Diplomacy is defined as the art and practice of conducting negotiations between representatives of states. It usually refers to international diplomacy, the conduct of international relations through the intercession of professional diplomats with regard to a full range of topical issues.

Diplomacy ensures positive cohesion among the states and it’salways important for any state to ensure that its diplomatic relations with other states are positive.

States are interdependent through trade and investments including corporation on matters of security. When there was an outbreak of Ebola in Sierra Leone, the entire West African countries were affected and all the Health sectors in Africa were put in alert. Brave men and women in the medical sector from all over Africa sent their doctors to Sierra Leoneto combat Ebola, in the East African region, Kenya health workers participated in the exercise and as a region and it was our pride.

The Arab revolution also called Arab spring in Tunisia spread to Egypt and to Libya, this is a clear indication that when one countrycoughs, the entire region catches sneeze, if only the situation was contained in Tunisia, it couldn’t have spread to Egypt and later to Libya.

The Ugandan Lord resistance army operations in Northern Uganda affected Congo and South Sudan if Uganda, Congo and South Sudan could have come together to condemn and contain LRA , the cases of rape and mass murder of the innocent and civilians would not have been witnessed.

The maturity of a state depends on its ability to disagree with other states without interfering with its diplomatic relationship; yes you can disagree and remain friends.

Resources are very important, they determine the wealth of a state, and the resources can be in form of rivers, minerals, lakes, sea and land. In case resources are located in such a place where they are disputed between two neighbors, amicable solution should be reached, people should never allow themselves to be dragged into war by the ever growing list of the warmongers.

KENYA AND SOMALIA are more than neighbors, Kenyans are our brothers and sisters our relationship is too expensive to lose, brothers and sisters that can stand with you no matter what, the government of Kenya and Kenyans have a deep sense of humor, deep sense of understanding, they understand us, they love us we love them too.

We should never allow the warmongers to divide Kenya and Somalia, we should educate our young children, young people who don’t have the knowledge of the early 1990s should be told the typeof brotherly relationship the two countries had.

Political indifferences should never separate us with Kenya. When all the neighbors closed their boarders for us, Kenya opened her boarders wide for us, they accepted us, they didn’t call us terrorists, they allowed us to grow, young ones got education, most of us got Kenyan citizenship, we were given freedom to associate with the rest, freedom to do business and to own property, freedom to worship in the cities, we got freedom, build mosques and practice our faith without interferences, are this brothers and sisters to lose?

We the Somalis we have been through a lot, we have suffered and it’s enough, we need to put our house in order and build our country and have a good relationship with our neighbors.

If Kenya can go through what we went through for 30 years {May Allah forbid}, are we able to accept them as refugees? Can we accord them all the freedoms they accorded to us? Do we have good laws to protect them?

Our people have invested in Kenya more than Kenyans in our country, according to the latest statement by our Prime minister of Somalia, there are approximately 50,000 Kenyans living and working in Somalia and approximately one and half million Somalis living and working in Kenya.

If the above statistic is true, it’s a clear indication that we need each other.

The Khat trade is basically done by the Somalis who are dealing with Kenyan Khat farmers directly that is to say, Khat business benefits both Kenya and Somalia and therefore it should be encouraged.

The interstate trade should be encouraged.

The people of Kenya and Somalia should allow the two governments to solve the issue, our governments are capable and no matter what, we the people, we demand cohesion and maturity on dealing with the issue and the masses should never be incited against each other.

I appeal to the government of Somalia and Kenya to solve the standoff the soonest, our people need services, we need visas to travel, and we want to see the Kenya flag flying in Mogadishu and Somalia Flag flying in Nairobi again within the shortest time possible.

Lastly, I want to remind our people that we have tried violence before as a way of solving our problems, it fails, the end results are physical even to the blind, no roads, no water for our people, inflation, no electricity, no hospitals, no schools, no life to our people, only death. Please let us try diplomacy. Never should anyone drag us to war, it’s enough

The writer of this article is a well-known patriot and a Somali Politician and the Chairman of Somali Social Unity Party (SSUP). He can be reache at

Lessons for Somalia from Sweden dailynation/2008