Good governance is an indeterminate term used in the international development literature to describe how public institutions conduct public affairs and manage public resources. Governance is “the process of decision-making and the process by which decisions are implemented”

In Somalia, everyone should accept the bitter reality that the situation is headed to a point where our stability will depend on how those in the authority utilizes the natural laws of good governance. The country and the people of Somalia should never market itself by the negative reception.

In most cases, I have observed that most donor and implementing agencies start their argument by narrating the dark circumstances of our past. The circumstances of death and sorrow, the circumstances of rape and man Killen.

Rather , I suggest that we Somalis should condemn this and focus on the positivity’s, our future is good with good governance and accountability, there is some lights in the tunnel, our airports and air space being in our hand is a big milestone and I have to applaud the government for this and more.


I must thank the friends of Somalia and the International community for working with as this far, by Strengthening and supporting the Government in developing of a more effective government institutions. Though much still need to be done including protecting human rights and fighting corruption.

Good governance should be aimed to improve the reach of government; systematize opportunities for representation and inclusion of citizen interests in the political process; increase the legitimacy of government institutions and representative bodies; support women, youth    empowerment and leadership.

In the coming years our progress and democracy, focus should solely shift to improving  legislative representation and oversight functions of the Federal Parliament of Somalia, also strengthening the judiciary and having an accountable Executive.

Our parliament should never allow itself to be an extension of the executive or take matters to do with judiciary under their realm, parliament should be independent and be able to represent theinterest of their constituencies with openness and integrity.

There has been a reported cases of bribery, executive using the power of money to bribe members of parliament to echo their agenda, this is wrong as members of parliament should freely express the interest for the good of the nation and work for Somalia through professionalism and accountability.

Parliament should enact bills that give judiciary more powers to execute its duties without fear or favor, Judiciary should be independent, the three arms of the government should be empowered and work on increasing revenue collection so as to have enough resources to execute their activities with more ease and efficiency.

Parliament should work on executing their mandate given under the Somalia 2012 provisional constitution and create independentcommissions, such as the Truth and reconciliation commission that should be mandated to address historical injustices and come up with ways and strategy to settle them.

After every financial year, the Auditor general has always unearthed mega corruptions, this has been driving our progress backward, parliament should come up with clear laws on corruption, we shouldn’t allow our resources to enrich a few corrupt individual, public resources must always be accounted for and therefore I urge parliament to initiate laws that will form a robust civil service which the civil servants come under to be tasked with regulating the salaries of the civil servants down to the state level, the salaries of the civil servant should always be public information for transparency purposes.

By the end of their term, government officials should undergo compulsory lifestyle audit to fight corruption and avoid looting of our resources as it is the case currently.

There should be a training on good governance to all the civil servants collaboratively with parliaments, key ministries, and commissions to improve core management functions, such as financial management, human resources, planning processes, and public outreach to support the creation of strong and credible democratic institutions in Somalia.

Good governance improves the capabilities of parliamentarians and government officials to deliberate, amend, draft, analyze, and enact key pieces of legislation, and improved the administrative capabilities of government staff and civil servants to develop policies, effectively coordinate government systems, and efficiently manage daily operations.

Through the spirit of good governance, the Somalia leadership actors will improve engagement with civil society and the media to increase citizen awareness of key political processes.

There should be updated government portal where citizen should access the government information anytime, anywhere, this will ensure positive political transition, along with government structures and activities, and increased understanding of the roles and responsibilities of executive and legislative officials to ensure greater transparency and engagement.

Through the promotion of the good governance, government willencourage capacity building trainings to provide skills development to both parliaments in legislative drafting and regulatory reform, as well as asset management policy and office administration.

Parliament should be more independent to introduce bills for non-member staff research, information gathering, discussion and debate, legislative amendment, and committee reporting.

Through good governance, parliamentary committees should be trained on the process and procedures for conducing public hearings.

I urge parliament to relook at some departments that are under federal states, for instance, the security of our great country should be a responsibility of the federal government, all the security forces in all the federal states must accept the reality that there is only one commander in chief and that is our federal president, the police should be devolved but not the Military.

Lastly, I would urge Somalis to be patriots, let’s promote love foreach other, let’s be supportive to each other and let us support our government and the security forces.

To our civil servants, restrain from corruption, let’s change the negative norms around us, let’s have a one unified Somalia and I believe that the success of any administration depends on its ability to respect the rule of law, human rights and free of corruption.  

Somalia will stand tall again.

Yassin Mahi Mallin is a Somali Politician and the Chairman of Somali Social Unity Party (SSUP). He can be reache at