Political Turbulence Still Threatens Somalia’s ‘Positive Trajectory’, Special Representative Warns In Briefing To Security Council.

While Somalia has maintained a positive trajectory — marked by a “far‑reaching” reform agenda and expanded domestic revenues — ongoing political turbulence could throw it off course, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for that country warned the Security Council today.

Nicholas Haysom, who is also Head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM), said he was well received by officials of the Federal Government and regional States alike when he arrived on 3 October 2018, adding that he has been impressed with the Government’s commitment to implementing reforms through roadmaps in various sectors — inclusive politics, security and justice, economic recovery, and social and human development. Better public financial management and an expanded domestic revenue base — with an $8 million surplus in September — mean that 56 per cent of the Federal Government’s $340 million budget for 2019 will be financed from domestic revenue, he noted.

The road map on inclusive politics covers elections, the constitutional review, federalism and reconciliation — the essential components of State‑building — he pointed out, adding that the draft electoral law has been submitted to the Cabinet, while amendments from political parties, civil society and the international community have been provided. Delay in submitting that law to Parliament will see a milestone missed, he cautioned, recalling the Government’s pledge to have it adopted by December 2018.

Source: United Nations