Al-Shabaab suspect hurl explosive device at police in Mandera, injure 4.

Mandera: Four police officers manning the Kenya-Somalia boarder were on Tuesday, December 25, injured after an explosive device went off.

Police sources have intimated to that the four officers were were flanked by two others when they met a man of Somali origin who hurled a hand grenade at them.

The explosion left four police officers seriously wounded as two who escaped unhurt tried to pursue the man but to no avail.

“Six in number were patrolling their area of duty when a young man of Somali origin approached where they were standing and threw an explosive device which appeared like a hand grenade. He ran on foot towards Somali side.He was pursued but he escaped,”read a report filed at Mandera Police Station.

The injured police officers were moved to Mandera Referral Hospital where they are currently undergoing treatment. Officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) visited the scene and have commenced investigations to net the suspect.

The incident comes amid a time when both police officers and KDF soldiers manning the contested boarder line have experienced a surge in attacks caused planted explosives.

In a separate story, reported that the US government had donated to the KDF 12 Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) to cushion soldiers from such attacks.

This came after several APCs that the Kenyan government had procured from China were turned in scrape after running over explosives. The incidents have seen several soldiers injured.

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