Brig Kabango Replaces Lokech As UPDF Contingent Commander In Somalia.

The Army has appointed Brig Michael Kabango, the 5th Division Commander in Northern Uganda as the new Uganda People’s Defence Forces [UPDF] Contingent Commander in Somalia. Brig Kabango will now replace Brig Paul Lokech who took over from Muhanga Kayanja last year.

Brig Kabango has formerly served as the defence attaché to Somalia prior to his appointment as the 5th division commander. The UPDF Spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire confirmed the development to Daily Monitor in a telephone interview Tuesday. He said Brig Kabango was appointed as UPDF contingent commander in Somalia this month. “He is a very professional soldier, very solid and a pan-Africanist,” Brig Karemire said.

He also lauded brig Lokech for his tireless efforts and contribution to peace and stability in the war-torn Somalia. “Lokech has steadily contributed to peace and stability in Somalia,” he said. Brig Karemire said that new contingent commander will take over office “soon”. When contacted in a telephone interview Tuesday, Brig Kabango said he was already at Entebbe Military Airport waiting to board a plane to Somalia.

“I have a new role now as the UPDF contingent commander in Somalia. I am at the Airport already waiting to travel to Somalia,” he said. UPDF remains the largest contingent in African Mission In Somalia [AMISOM] with more than 6,000 troops.

Source: Daily Monitor