Somali, AU security forces mull joint operations to flush out al-Shaabab

MOGADISHU. — The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and the Somali security forces plan to hold joint military operations in the Middle Jubba region, southern region to flush out al-Shaabab remnants.

Charles Tai Gituai, the AU Mission’s deputy force commander in-charge of operations and plans, said in a statement on Sunday that the joint operations will involve troops from AMISOM, Jubbaland State Forces and the Somali National Army (SNA).

“We also discussed the issue of joint military operations; how best we can work together with Jubbaland State Forces and Somali National Army, in conducting targeted operations,” said Gituai who is undertaking a fact-finding tour of the Mission’s areas of operation in southern Somalia.

Gituai who also held discussions with sector commanders of multinational AU troops based in Kismayo lauded the troops for their dedication and exemplary work that has contributed to the relative peace in Jubbaland State.

“The visit is important because, we need to talk to our troops, get to know their needs and also motivate them to continue working hard in their duties,” he said.


The deputy force commander and his delegation also visited Dhobley in sector two and plan to visit Baidoa, Belet Weyne and Jowhar, to assess the welfare of troops and the level of coordination between them and the regional forces in the Federal Member States.

Mohamud Sayid Aden, Jubbaland Deputy President said preparations for the joint military operations were at an advance stage.

“The objective of this visit is to coordinate AMISOM troops operations in Jubbaland with Jubbaland State Forces and the Somali National Army, to be able to conduct joint military operations,” Sayid said.