Former Welsh boxing champion appointed Somali Boxing Federation technical director.

Somalia has appointed the 1997 Welsh senior boxing champion, Mr. Hassan Essa, as the technical development director for Somali Boxing Federation.

The appointment of Mr. Essa comes as Somalia recently returned to the international boxing platform, after decades of absence from the world’s boxing gatherings.

Born in Cardiff, the British citizen of Somali origin has a top level boxing background and since 2012 he held several positions at the GRANGE CATHOLIC AMETUER BOXING CLUB ranging from coach to the club’s chairman.

Somali boxing federation general secretary Abdirahman Ali Mire said in a statement that Mr. Hassan Essa, has enough experience to serve as the technical development director for Somali Boxing Federation.

“Mr. Hassan Essa is the right person for this very crucial position. Somalia will benefit from his experience and competence and I am confident that he will be able to assist Somalia to play a dominant role in the international boxing” Somali boxing federation general secretary Abdirahman Ali Mire said in his statement on Monday.

On his side, Somali Boxing Federation’s newly appointed technical development director, Mr. Hassan Essa, said he is happy to play a greater role in the promotion of Boxing in Somalia after the boxing game was revived in Somalia this year.

“I have been involved in boxing since I was a child, and I am happy to help my country of origin culminate in a top position in the world boxing” Mr. Essa, said after his appointment.

Mr. Hassan Essa, was crowned Welsh Junior boxing champion in 1986, while in 1997 he became Welsh senior boxing champion. He represented Welsh National Boxing team from 1987 to 1989.

Boing was once a well-known sport in Somalia, before it was axed by the former military ruler General Mohamed Siyad Barre in 1976 and named it an “unwanted” sport when a boxer vomited after he was knocked down during a game.

After the federation was revived early this year, Somalia has been able to compete in international boxing competitions. More recently Somalia was represented in the XXXII International elite men and elite women “Ahmed Comert” Boxing tournament which took place in Istanbul from 10th- to 16th September 2018. Aden Mohamed and Ramla Saed represented Somalia in the big event, while Ramla once again represented Somalia in the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championship 2018 which was hosted in New Delhi from 15th to 24th November. However, the newly appointed technical development director is hopeful that soon Somalia will have a big number of boxers in international competitions. “My expectation is high and I am looking forward to the Tokyo 2020” Mr. Hassan Essa, said.

By Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar