Aerial bombardment is targeted to Al-Shabaab in Somalia

Mogadishu-Suspected drone airstrikes have been targeted to Al-Shabaab militants in Mudug region on Monday afternoon, state media reported.

Witness said that strikes targeted to Al-Shabaab fighters travelling on vehicle. The scene of incident is Aad vicinity of Haradhere district.

State media is not reported the casualties of the airstrike.

Residents and Al-Shabaab militants fought in the area of today’s bombardment two months ago, their fighting came as Al-Shabaab asked residents children to train for operations.

The US command in Africa conducted nearly thirty airstrikes against Al-Qaeda linked terrorist group in Somalia this year, including one it said to have killed 60 militants last month.

On Sunday, suspected US airstrike destroyed radio station linked to Al-Shabaab in Jilib town of middle Juba region, SONNA said that journalists were killed.