No More Interference Into Our Internal Affairs – President Farmajo

The President of the Federal Government of Somalia has said he has succeeded in stopping neighboring states from interfering in internal affair of Somalia.

The President said his government had convinced regional states in the Horn of Africa region on the significance of respecting the sovereignty and political independence of the country.

In a-video circulated to media by Villa Somalia’s communication department, Mr. Farmaajo stressed how the move can boost stability and security in Somalia and the region in general: “For the first time in 30 years, our neighbors are ready to closely work with us by completely keeping off our internal affairs,” the President said.

Farmajo added that his meeting with former Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemaryam Desaleyn, shortly after coming to power, focused on why and how Addis Ababa should cease interfering in Somali politics through its support for regional leaders.

The President’s comments come just days after he returned from meeting in Bahr Dar in Ethiopia with Eritrea President, Isaias Afwerki and Ethiopian PM, Abiy Ahmed. Under the leadership of Ahmed, Addis is viewed as having taken a stance different from that of the previous governments on foreign policy.

Source: 252Politics