The Military establishment shouldn’t interfere with the SW elections, warns Military commander

The military commander of the 60th division of the Somali National Armed Forces, General Ibrahim Yarow Isaq has directed his men not to interfere with the forthcoming elections and urged them to fully commit themselves to execute their constitutional obligations.

With just 17 days to the Southwest presidential poll, reports of security forces involvement in the ongoing electioneering activities in Baidoa have emerged, thus the warning from the SNA commander.

General Yarrow said the army has nothing to do with the elections and other related issues like, pertaining to the elections.
Their work, he stressed, was to maintain security: “I ordered the commanders, their assistants and the officers to avoid visiting election sites. Our work is to provide security and any soldier found involving himself in election-related affairs will face stern actions in accordance with the law”.

The commander’s call comes amid charged political atmosphere in Baidoa, coupled with allegations towards the government for its alleged support and financing of certain presidential candidates.