Somalia: Farah Moalin “Next Ethiopia President will Somali Ethnic”

Farah Maalim Dawaare, Kenya’s deputy parliament speaker has spoken positively about the future of the Somali politician in Ethiopia.

He is in a state of political turmoil in Ethiopia and his Twitter account writes that Somalis who are elected by the Ethiopian people this year will be the president of Ethiopia or the Deputy prime minister.

Farah Macallin said: “Following the next general election, the vice president or prime minister of Ethiopia will be from the ethnic Somali. Ethiopia opened a very strong historical page. Equality and justice between the Ethiopians will be very powerful. Thank you God for the power of the Horn of Africa. ”

Ethiopia has been undergoing a political shift from the Horn of Africa since its prime minister Dr Abiy Ahmed.

However, Farah Moallin’s information came to an end when he signed agreements with Somali and Oromo, while Asmara met with the ONLF and the Ethiopian government, where he opened a conference to end the conflict. Source :