Future of the Somali Central Bank.

Somali proverb says “ the product of corruption will be Corruption” The End of the Somali Central Bank, Mr.  Munir Sh. Ahmed Former Director of National bank Standard/ Chase he was arrested by Kenyan authority for corruption and the case is currently pending.
Mr.  Munir Sheikh Ahmed  is now in Mogadishu  after he was invited by  Mr. Fahad Yassin    who is his close relative and Clan’s political leader to meet with president and the prime minister of Somalia to be  Nominated as the next Governor of the Bank .
Also Munir Worked for chase Bank  in Nairobi with Australian passport,   still his case is on the table Munir Sheikh Ahmed  his lawyer is his cousin Somali/Kenyan Abdinasir is famous lawyer in Kenya .
 Mr. Fahad Yassin the Vice Commander of NISA and the owner of the Villa Somalia as the Somalis call him, and Financier of illegal organizations accused of supporting terrorists different times   and his inner circle and clansmen are collecting the CVs of the Somali Central Bank Board only for their group’s CVs were accepted, to get the a team to control the Bank and obey the orders of Mr Fahad.
With more than 30 CVs of CBS Governor, that were illegally collected are in the Hands of Mr Bashir Isse the Ex-Governor of the Central Bank and Mr. Beyle the Minister of Finance Both are staying in Stanley Hotel in Nairobi, even though they are recommending their own clan individuals to be the New Governor they cannot Face Mr. Fahad. The Cookers in Nairobi are  more Abdisalam omar the Former Governor of CBS  is using someone in chase Bank for PWC diversions is also evolved the Corruption.
The international community can see all that but they do not care the collapse and the Future Risk of the Somali Central Bank.
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Dr. Ahmed Ali Omar
Chairman of Banadir intellectual organization