May Pledges Sh908m For AMISOM In Fight Against Shabaab.

The United Kingdom has committed £7 million (Sh908 million) to fund the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) that is fighting jihadist group Al-Shabaab. UK Prime Minister Theresa May, during her visit to South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya last month, said Somalia’s instability will have a knock-on effect on other nations. “Somalia is at a critical juncture.

And sustainable, predictable funding and support for the troops who are building stability in the region is vital to support a transition to Somali-led security, when the conditions for a handover are right,” Ms May said on August 31 in a press statement issued by the British High Commission in Uganda.

Ms May emphasised the importance of durable security, calling for combined efforts to end terrorism.

In Nairobi, she visited a UK-supported counter-improvised explosive devices centre where British troops train soldiers deployed under Amisom.

The soldiers are trained on how to identify and destroy home-made bombs.

UK’s Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said the UK is determined to promote security in Africa by building the capacity of its troops.

“From supporting counter-terrorist operations in Mali to improvised explosive device disposal training in Kenya, our armed forces are helping to build a more secure Africa. By tackling the terrorist threat abroad we are helping to keep our streets safe at home,” he said.

The UK also pledged another £60m to help more than one million conflicts and drought victims.

Regarding the status of Somalia, Ms May said access to potable water, medicine, food and jobs will help the citizens in the long term, and will also lower their dependence on humanitarian aid.

The UK also committed more than £25 million to support the country as it works to establish a stable and democratic political system.

Source: Daily Nation