Bigger Cause and petty Politics

On August 28, 2018, the city of Jigjiga has seen the largest demonstrations ever.

It is ironic that in 1957, seven men were hanged in the city’s downtown and their bodies were displayed so that Somalis will never resist the feudal order of Haile Sellasie. The men were from Tuluguuleed.

Almost 60 years later today, seven men have been killed by a combined troops of Oromo militia and Ethiopian forces to haraase and masscre Somalis in order to grab their land for the hegemonic goals of Oromo-Ethiopia.

In both times, other Somalis watched. However, the Geri clan has shown both times bravery, and behaved in a way full of pride and Soomalinimo, a batch of honor some of us are ready to wear even if it cost us dearly. For the record the people who were killed today are from Tuli Guuleed and hail fro Galimeys (4), Mareehaan (2), and Geri (1).

In Balbalayti, 8 Somalis were killed Yesterday Hawiye (3), Marehan (3), and Geri (2). Although the Geri has championed the defense of the cause, the impact is far fetched and is touching many Somali communities.

So far, the Somalis defended their communities despite sabotage coming from their neighbours.

Today, perhaps we are out of the woods and things shall from now on improve. Let us hope the new Presidnet will prioritize this issue. I will support him to work on the resolution of this crisis.

If not, Somalis will keep fightings as they have done so far. Today they organized one of the largest demonstrations Jigjiga has ever seen.

And some scams who are trying to swindle the new administration are already out there to distort the message of the demonstration.

The demonstration was and is not against Ahmed Shide or the new administration. It was an expression of mourning and grief.

The new president has recognized the magnitude of the problem and will soon attacking it comprehensiey.

Those pressuring the new admin for undeserved positions konw today’s massive demonstration had a higher purpose than their pety-begging for positions.

We like to tell those petty position-seakers, some feeling an entitlement to certain positions despite their lack of any skills to help the region, not to distort the Nobel cause of the Somalis who have demonstrated.

Pleasr ley out people consisting of all decent Somalis grief for their painful losses and don’t please mix your petty goals with this larger cause.

Faisal Roble