Speech of Mayor of Mogadishu World Humanitarian Day.

Somalia: Mogadishu-Mayor of Mogadishu, who is also the governor of Banadir Region honorable Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow), has welcomed a less-privileged family,who faced an attempt of being ejected from their own house, to his office.

The family was complaining against aggressive attempts by some individuals who resorted to confiscate their own houseillegally.

The Governor of the Region, after listening to the complaint, has assured the family that nobody will ever dare to eject them from the house, while promising them to renovate the house on their behalf as Banadir Region administration tightens their security.

The Mayor of Mogadishu has referred the list of those accused of torturing and threatening the family members to the Public Prosecutions Department, so as to allow them to be arraigned in the court of Banadir Region and face the law accordingly.

The governor, Eng.Yarisow, has informed the Criminal Investigation Department (C.I.D) to investigate the life and property related impacts the family has suffered from and prosecute all those involved in the list of those complaints that the family is presenting to his office

On the other hand, the governor has instructed the Administration of Hamarweyne district to tighten the security of the family during this investigation period, since they brought forth torture and threat cases which they had earlier suffered.

The Mayor has pointed out that Banadir Region Administration is committed to safeguarding the law and justice for all, while, at the same time, promising to foil all the harmful attempts that aim to harm the property of the citizens.