Mayor of Mogadishu Hosts Dinner with Mogadishu Book Fair Participants.

Somalia: Mogadishu-Mayor of Mogadishu, who is also the Governor of Banadir Region, honourable Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow), has commended Mogadishu Book Fair Organizing Committee for their efforts to implement this exhibition during a guest-welcoming dinner occasion.

The governor has thanked hundreds of mostly young-aged authors who generally came from all regions of the country and abroad who sacrificed a lot of efforts, while reiterating that the Mogadishu Book Fair creates an opportunity for initiating libraries that are now being implemented in some of the regions of the country.

The Mayor also thanked those who took the time to sit and read books to the 120 children from orphanage schools that the Mogadishu Municipality sponsors, that attended the Book Fair.

“Besides hundreds of intellectual people who in the past days managed to benefit from these books that you have exhibited, the Mogadishu Book Fair has already created some plans meant to establish libraries in both Adado and Garbaharey towns where hundreds of books have been donated during the Mogadishu Book Fair.”

Eng. Yarisow has pointed out that Banadir Region Administration is committed to working on perpetuating this Mogadishu Book Fair, while adding that a continuous motivation will be provided to the learners and research centers of the region.

The governor has also called upon business community of the region and Education Institutions to participate in the exhibition activities meant to expand such Book Fair, so as to direct the youth to acquire writing and reading skills.

On the other hand, Governor of Banadir Region has advised the Somali authors to support the development of the country with their pen and confront the enemy of Somali people, which is Al-Shabab terrosrist group, with it, while leaving both generations of today and tomorrow with the kind of reminders of the atrocities and perpetrations which terrorism subjected to Somali people over the years.