Who killed the Abiy Revolution? Abi Muhumed Omar killed it. How?

One has to be certain that many Somalis are celebrating the downfall of Abdi Muhumed Omar. But they are forced to nurse some anamolies. For example, how does the exonération of Mengistu Haile Mariam reconcile with Abdi Muhumed Omar being humilated, reportedly beaten and forcibly arrested by an army with no single Somali speaker?

Certainly, the trio of Abiy-Lemma-Jawer taught Somalis a serious lesson -that federalism and feudalism have more similarities when it comes to Somalis. They both assign Somalis to a lesser status and their citizenship in Ethiopia is only an after thought. In other words their are subjects.

There is a silver lininging to this issue. Abdi Muhumed Umar’s case brought out the ugly side of Abiy. As a former intelegince zar, Abiy will not hesitate to kill when his power is questioned.

As such from this point on, the Abiy administration would be defined not by a peaceful conflict resolution, but rather by brute force. Adversaries will be eliminated, so BEWARE of that.

Once a régime decides to resolves political conflict by brute force, nothing will restrain it when the next conflict transpires. The invasion of Jigjiga certainly defined and exposed the real thought process of Dr. Abiy.

Abdi is humiliated but Abiy is exposed. They both are political losers.

Faisal Roble