Mayor of Mogadishu: “I hope Police Forces Will Cope with the Hard Responsibility towards Security of the City”

Mogadishu: Mayor of Mogadishu, who is also governor of Banadir Region, honorable Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow) has attended an event on integrating police forces in the city, where batches of the intelligent forces under NISA were merged with Police Forces, who are currently securing the city.

The governor has reiterated that the Administration and residents of Banadir Region are committed to playing their role of maintaining security and stability, which paves the way for preventing heinous acts which terrorist groups may perpetrate and intercepting the perpetrators themselves, who remain threat to the lives of the citizens.

“Somali Police Forces are known with their effectiveness and maintaining close friendship with citizens, therefore, we expect them to fulfill the hard task they are delegated to, which all Somalis continuously draw their eyes to.”

Eng. Yarisow has advised security forces of the city to prioritize facilitating free movements of the public and clearing all the challenges that remain burden on their lives while fulfilling other obligations related to the security.

On the other hand, Governor of Banadir Region has commended the relentless efforts of the Police Forces Headquarters through which they are tightening the security of the citizens, re-organizing and standardizing Police Forces with the aim of realizing instant transformation with regard to the general security of the country.