Ottawa Somali community celebrates second annual SOMFEST

The second annual Somali cultural festival, which took place Saturday at Ottawa City Hall, featured a travelling exhibit from the Somali Museum of Minnesota.

Minnesota is home to one of the largest communities of the Somali diaspora: about 80,000 people.

This year’s cultural festival in Ottawa, called SOMFEST 2018, also featured a concert and a traditional Somalian BBQ. It was hosted by Somali-Canadian playwright and actor, Habiba Ali.

Organized by the Somali Centre for Family Services in partnership with the City of Ottawa, SOMFEST showcases the city’s Somali community and its culture.

The Somali Centre for Family Services has been serving the Somali community in Ottawa since 1991, and provides assistance to refugees and immigrants in need of settlement services.

Source:Ottawa Citizen