Mayor of Mogadishu :“Brussels Conference reveals Broader Development..”

Brussels– Mayor of Mogadishu who is also Governor of Banadir Region Honourable Abdirahman Omar Osman ( Eng. Yarisow) has, while attending Somalia Partnership Forum Conference, said that the International Community had welcomed and revealed the broad development that the country witnesses while collectively agreeing to extend a helping hand to Somalia.

Mayor Yarisow stated that the international community overwhelmingly agree on the existence of this tangible development on Governance, finance, security, readiness for elections, review on the constitution and Somali Government commitment to securing a stronger investment in Somalia since his ten years tenure in Somalia`s politics.

The president of Somalia, who was chairing the Somalia Partnership Forum conference, has reiterated that his government is committed to intensify the existing development, so as to serve the citizens and allow them to participate in the one-man one-vote in coming elections in which they will reclaim the ownership of their country.

Mayor Yarisow, while, on yesterday, giving a comprehensive speech at the security conference, highlighted the existing progress the city had achieved on the security sector, the persistent and multi-dimensional development that being driven by citizens on daily basis, saying that the endurance of the public is the sole cause of this development. While he was reporting on tightening the security of the city, the governor has thanked security agencies and citizens for playing their role in achieving security in the city, saying that his administration has put in place a Program on Neighborhood Watch scheme of which residents of Banadir Region, the administration and security agencies have all worked on.

The governor has said that his administration has put in place a City Development Plan, IDPS Policy, Council formation for Districts, Implementation of 2020 elections for Local Government and Implementation of the City Security Plan, adding that the current development needs to be maintained, while, at the same time, allowing the citizens to participate in the consultation meetings and engage in the city development and the country`s general development.

The Governor has also said that AMISOM had agreed with him to vacate Mogadishu stadium which, as he expects, will be a venue for regional games which Mogadishu will host at the end of this year. Mr. Yarisow has also added that the stadium`s renovation will soon be started with the collaboration of the Ministry of Sports.