Banadir Region Governor Says Government Workers Earning Salaries While skipping their work is Unacceptable

Mogadishu– Mayor of Mogadishu, who is also the Governor of Banadir Region, Honorable Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow) has, while initiating a modern system for registering Banadir Region workers, said workers who skip their job while earning government salaries will not be accepted, adding that a continuous accountability will be employed to check how administration departments perform their duties.

The governor of Banadir Region has said that a 5 month study has concluded that there are some workers who are earning salaries but fail to show up to the job without permission, adding that this modern system is set to abolish lack of accountability and negligence of duties and contributes to the general procedural transparency through which the real workers and those who only earn undue salaries are differentiated.

“From now hence, there will be no any worker who earns salaries and fails to show up to the job while performing poorly. This system will help us know the real workers who perform their duties and those who earn undue salaries. Spending 70% of the Banadir Region budget on salaries while the workers remain scarce is totally unacceptable trend. Everyone who earned undue salaries during these 5 months and failed to attend the job will face the law and return the money they earned illegally.” The Governor has said.

The Mayor has proceeded ahead and advised the Directors of the Departments to hold all the workers accountable, so as to secure efficient workers and check their level of performance and added “Everyone has to perform his real responsibilities and reflect on transforming the city, so as to play his role. If we have succeeded and implemented our decision to pay the workers’ salaries during our short period in the office, everyone should now understand that there is an accountability that follows our efforts and therefore is required to step up his performance.

Implementing this modern system that aims at registering the workers of Banadir Region will hugely contribute to the general quality of workers while checking their performance and it alsokicks out whoever fails to perform his obligations.

This meeting was attended by Administration and Finance Assistant honorable Hussein Mohamed Nur, Directors of Banadir Region and other officials from the Local Government.