Senior AMISOM And UNSOS Officials Visit Kismayo And Baidoa On A Fact-Finding Mission

The African Union Special Representative for Somalia, Ambassador Francisco Madeira, has completed a three-day visit to Kismayo and Baidoa to assess ongoing preparations for transfer of security responsibilities to the Federal Government of Somalia.

The preparations are part of a complex plan to increase the involvement of federal and state governments in the affairs of the country as per the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2372 (2017) which authorized condition-based transfer of security responsibilities to Somali national security forces.

Ambassador Madeira noted that the trip was aimed at preparing staff at the headquarters in Mogadishu and in the sectors for the transition which commenced last December with the reduction of 1000 AMISOM soldiers.

“We are in transition, we have to prepare ourselves for the transition and I came here to see what we already have in place for the process, the needs, the possible challenges we might face and the priorities that we need to put in place in preparation for the transition,” the SRCC said in Kismayo.

Accompanied by the head of the United Nations Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS), Lisa Filipetto, Ambassador Madeira assessed various AMISOM activities in the field to get firsthand information on the challenges faced by the staff.

The two officials also held meetings with presidents of Jubbaland and South West states and senior AMISOM and UN personnel.

“For us, the more immediate concern is to see how our forces are operating, are faring, how our police forces are doing and also what challenges they are facing and how we can address them together,” Ambassador Madeira added.

Source: AMISOM