Weekly Meeting of the 17 Districts Commissioners Discusses Preparations for the Festive Independence Holidays..

Mogadishu,- The Weekly meeting of the 17 District Commissioners that was chaired by Mayor of Mogadishu and Governor of Banadir Region, Honourable Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng Yarisow) has discussed security, decentralizing basic services, promoting sanitation facilities, reviving beauty of the city and preparation for the incoming festive independence holidays.

Initially, some of the District Commissioners have presented reports related to the situations of their districts, while at the same time, pointed out that devolving the services to local levels, co-operation between residents and the administration move smoothly as required.

Security report that was presented by Security and Policy Assistant honourable Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has reiterated that plans meant to tighten security of the City moves on the right track as required, while at the same time, mentioning that the public is asked to strengthen their co-operation with security agencies.

Mayor of Mogadishu has indicated at the meeting that his administration prioritizes realizing comprehensive security for the city that will only be achieved with co-operation between Districts Commissioners, Heads of the forces and citizens.

Banadir Region Administration leaders and those of district levels have discussed preparations for the festive Holidays that will fall in 26th June and 1st July during which the city hosts celebrations and festivities in which the significance of these days will be presented.

During the 17 Districts Commissioners weekly meeting, District Commissioners, Security and Policy Assistant honourable Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, Finance and Administration Assistant honourable Hussein Mohamed Nur and the Secretary General of the Region honourable Omar Abdirizak Hussein have presented comprehensive reports on sanitation, beautification, income and policy to the Mayor.

Finally, Mayor of Mogadishu, who is also the Governor of Banadir Region Honourable Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng Yarisow) has called up on Somali citizens residing in Mogadishu to stand together to transform the City while informing those had resided in public land that they will hand it over to the government while warning the business community against investing in Public lands that serve general interests.