Today’s Headlines and what is new in Addis are as follows:

June 17, 2018, Addis Ababa

1. Beyond simple market integration. PM Abiy address his country in a video conference to update them about his a half-day visit to Mogadishu, Somalia. In an unprecedented way, PM Abiy talked about the high level discussion he had with Prez Mohammed Abdullahi Farmajo, PM Hassan Khayre, and the Speaker of the houses, Chairman Mursal. He mentioned that the two sides even discussed about federation like the United States of America or even UAE. The two sides have complementary resources, he said, mentioning how Somalia is rich in maritime resources and Ethiopia in water and ag. resources.

2. “The UAE reveals 3 bln aid, investment package after PM Abiyand Crown Prince Mohamed Sayyid had an extraordinarily friendly meeting in Addis. The two were so close that PM Abiy was deriving their bullet proof car. The two countries signed MoUs covering a range of areas – culture , tourism, economy, consular affairs and other related matters. Included in this package of agreement is a major hospital that could serve the region and the continent as well.

3. “Partial Privatizat o.o n as a vital element for economic recovery” tops again the headlines. The succesful Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiotelecom, Ethiopian Electric Power, Sugar factories, and Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics would partly be revitalized. Goals for this move include job-generation, enhance good governance, and bring and infuse badly needed capital in the Ethiopian economy whose sustainability seems to: slow down, and two left behind with no benefit a huge under class.

4.. Implementing the Algiers agreement is the talk of the town. All Africa is watching this move, says an expert I had a dinner with at my Addis Hilton where I stayed for the last five days. IGAD also express how excited are about the reapproachemnt of the two sisterly sides.

5. PM address the country on an issue that is also close the hearts of Somalis everywhere – the conflict over borders between ethnic groups in the Federal Republic ofbEthiopia. As you know massacre have been visited upon Somalis on the edges of Jigjiga. He called for normal inter-ethnic relations and said that he will start forming a commission to complete the process of administrative boundary demarcation.

Commentary of the day: Somalis have been wronged since the TPLF took power in 1991 and that abuse still goes on, only this time with much aggression. The Somalis in the region or in the Diaspora are as usual tribalistic, visionless, and always behind the curve. An old friend of mine who visited me at the hotel, and a well connectes Ethiopian intelectual told me that Somalis are always at the bottom of the agendas of Ethiopia’s elite class. They don’t help themselves because of the way the lack of unified institutions through which they express their political objectives. He mention some recent diaspora group, who he said came to Addis with no knowledge of either Ethiopian politics or how the government works in Addis. Let us hope, he said, that things will change and they clean their acts.

Until then waa Faysal Roble oo idin leh