Al-shabaab attacks Military bases in Somalia

Mogadishu:-Al-Qaidda linked terrorist group in Somalia of Al-shabaab took attacks against government troops in Hiiran and Bari regions of puntland and Hirshabele Administrations.

Heavy armed members of Al-shabaab fighters stormed Puntland forces’ base in Balli-khadar village of Bari region high land on early hours of Saturday, according to residents.

The fighting between Puntland forces of Somalia and Al-shabaab takes more than an hour and caused casualties of both sides, but there is no detailed number of the casualties.

Residents told Radio Kulmiye that the sides have been using heavy weapons.

Al-shabaab claims they have killed seven members of puntland forces and took military vehicles and torched on fire seven military vehicles.

On Friday, Al-ahabaab hit organized attack at Moqokori village in Hiran region, where government troops and AMISOM based two months ago.

Government officials did not give details about the fighting.

But, Al-shabab claims that they have captured the town.