United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Funds Release Notification

This is to officially inform you that your Email I’d attached to file number HTT/IP/876458/8700 on our World-Wide Web/Internet Service Provider/ Electronic Balloting System search result has been awarded the Sum of £1,000,000.00 GBP (One Million British Pounds Only) as part of the On-going United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Community Development/Poverty Reduction and Eradication/Special Aids Online Program.


Be notified that your Email I’d was randomly selected from a database of over 50  million Email I’d `s  as one of the 100 lucky beneficiaries drawn from the World-Wide Web/Internet Service Provider through an Electronic Balloting System that has been approved for this payment without the participants E-mail I’d `s owners or winners applying for the draws.


Take special note that part of these Funds that has been  Awarded to you should be used for your community development and for the eradication of poverty in your community and also as Aids for those in need  around you.

You are hereby advised to contact Mr. Harrison Murray who is The Online Coordinator of the Program on Email: undp-claim@yandex.com with the following information as stated below:-


Name:-                Address:-


Phone Number:-     Winning E-mail i`d:-

You are advised to contact Mr. Harrison Murray with your details through his Email I’d (undp-claim@yandex.com) immediately you received this notification in-order to enable us monitor this Funds Remittance.