Harsh Conditions Push Kenyan Al-Shabaab Recruits To Suicide

A body of a Kenyan fighting for the al Shabaab was found in a camp in Jilib, Somalia. The deceased’s body identified as Abdi Kimani was found dangling behind a house in the camp that houses new foreign recruits.

Sources say Kimani killed himself after being in the camp for only three weeks.

“It is alleged that Kimani is the third foreign fighter, among five who have killed themselves at the camp with an unknown number having run away.

” The source who did not want to be quoted said. Harsh living conditions is one of the unrealistic expectations faced by the new recruits when they arrived at the camp.

“Those that joined recently are mostly affected after joining when the group it was riddled with many challenges including the flooding that brought water borne diseases as well as the succession woes that are affecting the group,” said the source.

The source further added that last week a Tanzanian female recruit, identified as Amina killed herself after she reported to have been sexually assaulted several times by the militants.

“She spent the whole morning crying and groaning screaming that she wanted a doctor, no one came to her aid and when the cries went silent at midday, she was found dead next to one of the leader’s house.” It is alleged that she stabbed herself.

Unconfirmed reports from the al shabaab camp in Af-madhow says two female recruits had attempted suicide over rape allegations, the two were however subjected to lashing by the militants as punishment for attempting suicide.

The loss of foreign fighters through suicide is a new phenomenon as opposed to when they were executed publicly for allegedly spying for the Somalia and Kenyan intelligence services, whilst other were killed in engagements with AMISOM forces.

Source: The Star