Peace In Sight As KDF Says Somalia Battle Not In Vain

Kenya and other troop-contributing countries (TCC) believe they have made tremendous efforts in degrading Al Shabaab and enforcing peace in Somalia 10 years after the incursion.

According to the Special Representative of the chairperson of the African Union Commission for Somalia and head of AMISOM, Franscisco Caetano Jose Madiera, the country is gradually setting up institutions to run her affairs.

“We are moving with difficulties and challenges but with confidence that our mission is on track. We have made strides and we will prevail over Al Shabaab.

The Somalia government had been operating from Nairobi but it is now operating from Mogadishu. Sooner or later, our mission will be achieved. Have we achieved our goal, of course not.

Are we going there, of course yes,” Madeira says. He says that Villa Somalia is not being shelled daily by Al Shabaab like it was previously and institutions including the AMISOM, military and police headquarters and administrative offices have been established and are working.

Mogadishu and other towns have repopulated and are being rebuilt while some of the universities are operating.

He, however, says TCCs are not so rich or so developed and therefore require support from donors to achieve the AMISOM mandate.

AMISOM officials this month attended a meeting on Somali’s security with the European Union in Brussels where it was agreed that there is need for more resources.

Kenyan ambassador to Somalia Lucas Tumbo says more than 35,000 Kenyans are currently working, conducting businesses and living in Somalia following the pacification of the country by AMISOM troops.

“AMISOM has done well with the support of donors, there has been incremental change.

A whole spectrum of things need to be improved. Today more than 80 per cent of the Somali people are returning home.

I have the largest diaspora in Africa with 35,000 Kenyans living here.

There are 18,000 living in Hargesia, 10,000 in Jubaland and 3,000 living in Mogadishu among others,” Majore Gen (Rtd) Tumbo said.

Source: The Standard