Somaliland puts in jail a famous photographer when he was injured by a thief

Idiris Abdillahi Dab`asar is an independent photographer in Hargeisa. He is currently in the CID Investigation Center in Hargeisa for three months and 25 days.

They were arrested when attacked by a group of teenage youths who wanted to take a mobile and camera.

It was destroyed by the car in Idiris, and it was hit by injuries.

Photographer Idiris defended himself and came out of a weapon, injuring one of the thieves

However, a settlement between the two families was agreed. It was agreed that the cost of the damage paid by the photographer Idiris, and the agreement between the two families, was also agreed to release Idiris

Photographer Idiris has been in custody since the CID Criminal Investigation Center. It is not known why he is in prison, as they have agreed on both sides.

It was taken several times to the court. He was charged with other crimes he did not know.

Photographer Idiris is one of the most famous people in Hargeisa. We work independently, but it is saddened by the long-distance prison, with no criminal prosecution.

The arrest of journalists has increased, and there are many journalists in custody and prosecutions. There are also banned newspapers after writing about corruption

Somaliland journalists do not have a media organization to defend their rights