Police Issue Terrorist Attacks Warning Ahead of Ramadan

The Kenyan Police has issued a security alert over possible attacks in the country by Somalia based terror group, Al-Shabaab, during the Ramadan season.

In a statement, director of communications for the Nation Police Service Charles Owino, on Tuesday said security agencies have obtained credible intelligence suggesting that Al-Shabaab are planning to carry out attacks in various parts of the country during the holy month set to begin May 15.

Police asked Kenyans to be extra vigilant especially in populated public places such as hotels, churches, bus stops and schools: “Though the capability of Al-Shabaab has been greatly downgraded over time, we have credible intelligence suggesting that the militia group is planning to carry out further attacks in the country,” said Mr Owino.

“The group has in the past planned to carry out attacks during Ramadan especially along the coastal and eastern regions and in major towns across the country.


We are therefore urging members of the public to remain on high alert and be extra vigilant,” he added. He said, Al-Shabaab and other terror groups such as Islamic State and Al-Qaeda have all issued ‘fatwas’ calling for increased attacks during the holy month of Ramadan.

The police, however, assured Kenyans of security saying that they are closely monitoring activities across Kenya border with Somalia in order to thwart any attempted terror attack: “We assure the public that security agencies continue to remain on high alert during this period and closely monitoring activities across Kenya border with Somalia,” said Mr Owino.

He said terror incidents in the country by Al Shabaab have gone down due to concerted efforts by multi agency security operations and support from the public: “We further wish to specifically thank members of the public, especially those in Wajir, Mandera and Boni for their unwavering resolve to kick out and report terror elements living among them,” he said.

Source: Daily Nation