MOGADISHU: The Federal Government of Somalia commemorates the World Press Freedom Day by strongly committing to protect Journalists and ensuring the freedom of the Press.

3 May 2018 is the World Press Freedom Day with the theme: Keeping Power in Check: Media, Justice and the Rule of Law. The theme of the 2018 celebration highlights the importance of an enabling legal environment for press freedom, and gives special attention to the role of an independent judiciary in ensuring legal guarantees for press freedom and the prosecution of crimes against journalists.

The Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, H.E. Abdirahman Idan Yonis said that the ministry has been tirelessly working to ensure the freedom of the press and safety of Journalism.

“We have amended the Media Law to incorporate private media concerns, the law is currently before the federal parliament of Somalia. The ministry has also launched the National Mechanism for Safety of Journalism and is establishing the National Coordination Committee for Safety of Journalism. The Justice institutions are members of this committee to support the legal needs for Somali Journalists. The Federal Government of Somalia has specified in the Constitution that Freedom of Speech is guaranteed.” Said H.E. Abdirahman Idan Yonis.

The ministry is commemorating the World Press Freedom Day by working with the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) and the private Media of Somalia to re-assure them that the Federal Government stands side by side with them in guaranteeing the Press Freedom and Protecting Somali Media.

The Federal Government of Somalia hears with open ears the call by the UN Secretary General for the world “governments to strengthen press freedom, and to protect journalists. Promoting a free press is standing up for our right to truth.” — António Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General.

World Press Freedom Day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in December 1993, following the recommendation of UNESCO’s General Conference. Since then, 3 May, the anniversary of the Declaration of Windhoek is celebrated worldwide as World Press Freedom Day.