Ministry of Post & Telecom inaugurates communication rooms project

Mogadishu: The Speaker of the Upper House and the Minister of Post, Telecom and Technology have inaugurated a communication room for the Upper House, as part of a national project aimed at facilitating communications among the public institutions.

Financed by the World Bank through the ICT Support Project, 37 communication rooms were installed at key five institutions for each of Somaliland, Puntland, GalMudug, HirShabelle, SouthWest and JubbaLand, while the rest were built for Benadir and federal institutions.

Senator Abdi Hashi, speaker of the Upper House, thanked the Ministry for selecting the Upper House to launch this project. He said communication rooms would help the Upper House’s communication and coordination with assemblies of the federal states and other federal institutions.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, H. E. Abdi Ashur Hassan, Minister for Posts, Telecom and Technology, thanked the World Bank for financing this important project, which would build the capacity of institutions both at state and federal levels. He said the Ministry expedited the process of building the communication rooms to make sure public institutions have access to modern conferencing facilities.

“The communication rooms have multiplier effects. They improve communication and coordination; improve security of officials; save cost of travel and reduce pollution, among other benefits,” said the minister. “I hope they will support our growing institutions.”