Benadir Governor Appeals for Urgent Help to Assist The Victims of River Shabelle Flooding

Mogadishu- The Governor of Benadir & the mayor of Mogadishu, Hon. Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow) who chaired urgent meeting to discuss the impact of flooding in Beled-Weyn has announced formation of special committee to spearhead the assistance of those affected.

Engineer Yarisow said his Benadir regional administration (BRA) will donate USD 100,OOO in an effort to help those affected by the natural disaster.

Eng Yarisow set up a committee and The main task of the established committee that will be chaired by the deputy governor of Benadir regional Administration Mrs. Basma Amir Ahmed and assisted by various Mogadishu districts officials, regional directors and among other members will be leading fundraising campaign for the victims of the river Shabelle flooding.

” There is unimaginable situation in Beled-Weyne, people are fleeing their homes with nothing but only to save their lives. As BRA administration we took steps that we feel is necessary to help our brethren affected and we too equally call upon Somali people and internationally community alike to come into the rescue of affected families,” said Mogadishu mayor.

Heavy torrential rains that started across the country two weeks ago has resulted river Shabelle to burst its banks displacing thousands of families mainly in Beled-weyne with no choice but to flee their homes.

Banadir regional administration will take all necessary steps to help those affected in Beled-Weyne and across Hiiraan region during this critical moment.