Mayor of Mogadishu launched Taakulo Campaign for the month of Ramadan

Mogadishu– H.E. Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow), the Mayor & Governor of Mogadishu today launched Taakulo campaign for the month of Ramadan in order to support vulnerable people in our society in the capital city of Mogadishu.

Mayor Eng. Yarisow said “According the Islamic teachings, it is mandatory among Muslim communities to help one another by giving assistance for those in need of help. The holy month of Ramadan, expected to start in three weeks, it is imperative to get our souls ready also to plan to deliver aid and assistance to citizens in need who are not afford to get breakfast food.

Therefore, with the partnership of the below stakeholders, Banadir regional administrations;

1. Somali ordinary citizens in all 17 districts of Banadir
2. Federal level agencies and Banadir administration
3. Business sector
4. Charity associations and academic institutions (Schools and Universities)
5. Somali Diaspora living abroad
6. Foreign embassies in Mogadishu
Today, dates on 26th April, 2018, officially announces the launch of TAKULO campaign in Ramadan Month aiming mobilizing community groups to raise funds (Cash and Food items) to be provided to the those who are not able to get breakfast in Ramadan. Banadir regional administration will convene advocacy meetings with relevant actors as well as organizing community mobilization sessions at districts. The first phase of this campaign will last till 14th May, 2018 while the 2nd phase will start on 20th May till to Eid festivals after Ramadan.

Mayor Eng. Yarisow continued to say “It is believed that the Somali people do help one another, willing to donate and delivering assistances to the needy among them so I am taking this opportunity to send my appeal to those able to give charity to participate actively and generously in this campaign to reveal responsibility and humanity as a whole. BRA commits to actively and transparently lead, organize, coordinate and facilitate the delivering of aid to the target populations. We also vow to offer supportive and facilitative role for no governmental organizations/charity organization planning to do humanitarian interventions towards Ramadan Month in Mogadishu.

In advance, BRA appreciates and sends special gratitude for its staff at both regional and district levels for their generosity and taking the first step of contributions for needy communities during Ramadan deducting portion of their April, 2018 salaries to feed their vulnerable community in Mogadishu