US envoy Robert Godec endorses Uhuru-Raila peace deal

Outgoing United States of America ambassador Robert Godec leaves after a record six-year tenure, during which he has been intimately involved in some of Kenya’s most intractable issues.

These include trying to negotiate political settlements after two disputed presidential elections, most recently playing a role in brokering the now famous handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga.

He has navigated sometimes fractured relations between Nairobi and Washington DC.

He has lived through two major terrorist attacks and been the lead point man for the local component of the American interventions in the global war on terror.

He has been here during the period of fastest growth of Chinese presence and seeming waning of America influence.

As he prepares to leave pending the arrival of his nominated successor, Senator Kyle McCarter, who awaits clearance by Congress, Mr Godec shared his experiences, triumphs and tribulations with Sunday NationEXCERPTS