Somalia: AMISOM indicates its view of the current political crisis

African Union mission in Somalia abbreviated as AMISOM has denied claims about it impose full control over the Lower House building of Somalia’s parliament following Wednesday’s standoff which saw the interventions of the African Union troops.

According to statement from African Union Special Representative for Somalia, Francisco Madeira, AU respects the sovereignty of the people of Somalia and recognizes their rights to have full confidence in the capacity of their Leadership to address the challenges.

“The African Union Commission and AMISOM respect the sovereignty of the people of Somalia and recognize their rights and have full confidence in the capacity of its Leadership to address the challenges besetting their country including the current political challenges that saw the Lower House of the Parliament being split into two,” said the AU Special Envoy to Somalia.

Additionally, Madeira underlines that AMISOM has no mandate to take control over the parliament; AMISOM is mandated to work in support of the Somali Security Forces.

“AMISOM has no mandate to impose on the Somali people and, indeed, on the Parliament, the way they should conduct their business” he said.

Madeira called for dialogue to make end the looming political tensions which could damage the hardly gained achievements.

“I appeal the Members of Parliament, legitimate representatives of the People of Somalia, to continue to exercise restraint as they strive to resolve the differences that oppose them,” he recommended.

The ambassador indicated the attitude of AMISOM towards the political crisis in Somalia and ruled out comments from the AMISOM commander Paul Lokech, which was about that the raw, was between the executives and the parliament.

“I wish to state that our view is that the current political stand-off is between two sides of Members of the Lower House Parliament,” he said.