Constitutional Review Process civil society Discussion Meeting in Baidoa

Baidoa: South West State of Somalia Civil Society Representatives had a constitutional review process discussion meeting in Baidoa organized by Somalia South Central Non-State Actors (SOSCENSA),the meeting was participated by members of South West State CSO including ;Religious Leaders , Traditional Elders , Women Groups , Youth Organizations , CSO key Members , media and representatives from Universities .

The objectives of the meeting included: (1) CSO discussions on Somali’s Constitutional Review Process. (2) to consult among CSO organization members to promote and make sure the role of civil society organizations in constitutional review process of Somalia and discuss the challenges faced them to participate in the process. (3) to discuss the best ways to speed up the Constitutional Review Process.
After long discussions and information sharing on the current Constitutional Review Process, the role of CSO and the challenges they face and also discussions on the best practices to speed up the review process , the participants of the meeting agreed that the importance of the role of civil society in constitutional review process is key to the development of the country, especially finalization of the constitution. The participants also urged to Somalia Federal Government, State Authorities particularly the parliament CRP Oversight Committee , Federal Ministry of Constitution Affairs, South West Ministry of Reconciliation and Constitution Affairs and also Independent Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission to accept and implement the following suggestions:
1. To preserve and implement the MoU agreed by The mandated institutions of the constitutional review process of Somalia in order to avoid delays of the work of CRP.
2. The common interest of the constitutional review process must be before the self-interests of the institutions.
3. The Road Map of the CRP should be reviewed by CRP stakeholders before it launches.
4. Establishing Constitutional Review Process Oversight Committee that civil society has the key members
5. Find out and bring on board local patriotic and loyal legal experts those have extreme knowledge on the local context to work with constitutional review process commissions.
6. In order to give an opportunity to the public/community to participate the constitutional review process, the federal government and State Authorities should promote security, stability and good governance.
7. Social conciliation should be launched from the grassroots level in simultaneously with constitutional review process.
8. Government should announce to the public an actual time and plan to complete the constitutional review process.
9. The constitution should clearly explain Islamic faith and its principles
10. To preserve transparency, accountability and effectiveness of constitutional review process, the priority should be given to the civil society role as they are within the community.
The civil society organizations who attended the one day CRP discussion meeting in Baidoa, Horyal Hotel, calling in all civil society organizations to participate and contribute the constitutional review of the country.
Finally, SOSCENSA which always stands for the facilitation of social dialogue and information sharing among with the all its key stakeholders, here by appreciating the civil society organizations who attended the CRP discussion meeting in Baidoa and their insights and valuable contributions during the meeting and also the Ministry of Reconciliation and Constitution Affairs of South West State .