Somalia, Turkey Sign Deal to Rebuild Parliament House in Mogadishu

The speaker of Somali Federal Parliament Mohamed Sheikh Osman (Jawari) has signed an agreement to rebuild a parlaiment house in Mogadishu with the Turkish government.

The 100 million deal was signed by Lower Speaker Mohamed Jawari and Turkish ambassador to Somalia Olgan Bekar on Saturday in Mogadishu.

Speaker Jawari said the reconstruction will begin on the historic building with a controlled demolition of the building. A temporary parliamentary building will be used for parliamentary functions until the building is complete.

He explained that the initial phase of construction on the seven-story building is slated for the beginning of next year and will cost $60m. He added that total costs are expected to reach $100m.

Once complete, the speaker boasts that it will have an office for every MP and their staff and will be able to host international delegations and functions.

Jawari admitted that the financial details were still being worked out but hinted that the Turkish government may assist in paying for the building.