PRESS RELEASE Reality about the Construction of Sheikh Zayed Hospital in Mogadishu

We are LIGHT LINE INVESTMENT LTD, a local registered company based in Mogadishu, Somalia. We carry out different business activities mainly construction work. In mid-2015, we got a construction contract from UAE Embassy. The Embassy called and told us they are planning to build a big hospital named, Sheikh Zayed Hospital inMogadishu donated by UAE Government for the people of Somalia and the Contractwas awarded to a company based in UAE called AISHI AE LTD. The company wanted a local Somali company they can subcontract with and they (the embassy of UAE in Somalia) recommended LIGHT LINE INVESTMENT LTD because of construction workthecompany previously didat the Embassy.

On August 1st 2015, we sat with AISHI AE ltd Management and on August 3rd 2015 we signed a contract with them about structural civil work for the Hospital and we agreed upon thatpayment to bein stages according to the volume of workto be completed. We started work as per agreement and we finished the first stage.The main contractor assessed the completed work of the first stage as per the agreement on 17 February 2016.

Unfortunately, 18 February 2016, the Embassy informed us that they had cancelled the contract of AISHI AE LTDand tookback their management team to UAE. For this,LIGHT LINE INVESTMENT LTD Company should also withdraw its workers from the Hospital site.

We went to the Project Management office of the Embassy and told them that we wanted to be paid for the work doneand also to collect all our construction materials and equipment that we were using for theconstruction of the hospital.The project director, Eng. Ali Al mazrouritold us thateverything on the constructionhospital site belonged to UAE government including our own materials and equipment. The project Director claimed that they were holding our materials becausethey gave AISHI AE LTD someadvanced payment for the construction of the hospital. He further informed us that if we had any issues, wepass our claims and the necessary documents through theministry of foreign affairs of Somalia, then the UAE Embassy would forward themto the ministry of foreign affairs of United Arab Emirates which was responsible for the coming of AISHI AE ltd to Somalia.

We did all legal requirements starting from BenadirRegional court, ministries of Justice and foreign affairs of federal Government of Somalia. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somali sent those documents to the UAE embassy twice however, the UAE Embassy of Somalia never respondedto our demands to settle our grievances. The Embassy totally ignored our genuine complaints and disrespected other relevant institutions of federal government of Somalia.

Unfortunately, we find ourselves forced to make our case public, so that every Somali citizen, Members of Somali parliament, chamber of commerce and industry ofSomalia, local and

international media, human rights groups and United Nations Monitoring Group should be made aware of the money that is building Sheikh Zayed Hospital in Mogadishu is not money donated by UAE government but rathermoney coned from local Somali companies including LIGHT LINE INVESTMENT LTD through the UAE embassy of Somaliaby bringingfake companies from outside Somalia who are not genuine,their main agenda being extortion of resources from local Somali companies like LIGHT LINE INVESTEMENT LTD. We, the victim of UAE embassy based in Mogadishu, are ready to share all the evidence with support documents to the public through local and international media.

Finally, we urgently appeal to UAE government, particularly the UAE Embassy in Mogadishu, to respect the laws of the land concerning our commercial dispute and find a just solution.

Likewise, we call our Somali Government to fully enforce its Court rulings and be more assertive in defending the rights of its citizens.

Mogadishu, Somalia. February 27, 2018.