At its meeting, the Benadir Regions’ Security commission presented conclusive points

Mogadishu- 4 points of importance to the security of the capital city have been discussed at a meeting of the Security commission of Benadi, presided by the Mayor of Mogadishu H.E. Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yariisow), and with the participation of the vice Chairman of the security and Politicy, H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, the commanders of the Regional armed forces, the police, security and correctional forces.

Additionally, ways to improve the security situation of the capital, which is very importat have been discussed in depth, that is in the light of the fact the formation of mixed security forces responsible of the security, and how to confront the terror plans against the Somali population by the terrorists.

Governor Eng. Yariisow in his presentation, held a lengthy speech, regarding the multilateral plans in order to find a solution to the current security situation, in cooperation with the armed forces and the population, thus to bring about a successful stabilization results to the capita. Stabilizing the Capital city is not a one day job, You have to participate by concrete actions in cooperation with the population, in order to defeat the terrorists who continuously kill and destroy the property of the population, and You have to accept the responsibility vested on all of us, said Governor Yariisow.

The Regional Governor of Benaadir, H.E. Abdirahman Omar Osman, recommended the officials participating the meeting, to speed up the security of the capital, in order to confront the plans of the terrorists.

A special focus was given to the event at Warta Nabadda, where a group of criminals performed killings and lootings against civilian Somali business owners and a Bajaaj owner killed last night at Hodan district, and all concerned criminals have now been brought in custody and are in detention at the C.I.D. station and will be brought to court, it has been clearly stated that, harming the population under the cover of a state uniform will not be tolerated.

Finally, during the meeting, it was discussed the best way to remove all army units not belonging to the 12 April brigade and send them back to their barracks, in order to strengthen the security movements of Mogadishu.