Mayor of Mogadishu granted a land to Somali National Army (SNA) as Turkish Government will construct a modern military training base.

Mogadishu – The Governor of Benadir who is the Mayor of Mogadishu, H.E. Abdirahman Omar Osmaan (Eng. Yarisow) has transferred a land area situated in the Wadajir Distict in Jazeera area, on which the Turkish Government will construct a modern military training base for the Somali National Army (SNA).

Mayor/Governor Yarisow pointed out that, some of this land area belonged to the National Army, and that a training base, with all necessary equipment in place, shall be built very soon for the Somali National army (SNA) for its training.

“I transfer this land area to be used for a common interest, and to be utilized for the training of the army, and it is an important plan which is part of the beauty and security of the Region in particular and of the country in general. Turkey has won the hearts and minds of Somali people, therefore, we must do all we can to support them.”

Additionally, the Governor informed that, parts of that land are belonged to private citizens. The Mayor made a deal with the Ministry of defense of the Federal Government so that the affected citizens, in exchange, will be given corresponding land areas belonging to the National army inside the Mogadishu city.

“Additionally, we have discussed with the military command and the Ministry of defense, how to manage parts of the affected lands belonging to other civilian citizens, for that case, we have appointed a committee of investigation. Any one able to present a legal ownership document we shall make plans to allocate other land in exchange”. Said Eng. Yarisow.

The Minister of defense H.E. Mohamed Mursal and the commander in chief of the National Army, General Abdiweli Jama Hussein (Gorod) congratulated for the good cooperation between the National Army and the Mayor of Mogadishu, and informed that they will cooperate with the Regional Administration in order to find a compensation solution to the citizens whose land plots have been expropriated for the common interest.

The commander of the Turkish training camp, General Mohamed Yaasin pointed out the brotherly relationship between the two countries, additionally he informed that they play a significant role in the reconstruction of Somalia especially the security and the economy in particular.