Thousands celebrate in Kismayo for Inter-State football tournament victory.

Thousands of cheering chanting football fans took to the streets in the key port city of Kismayo as Jubbaland football team was back from Mogadishu after winning the 2nd edition of Somali Inter-State football tourney.

The delegation was warmly received at the airport by the regional State president Sheik Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Madoobe), members of his administration and thousands of cheerful football fans.

The president was seen holding up the trophy as he walked in the city showing his thrills and exhilaration that Jubbaland football team won the event after losing in the final in the 2016 inaugural edition.

The arrival of the trophy created an atmosphere filled with excitements and enthusiasm in Kismayo which witnessed marathon celebrations. Several thousand football fans walked through the city as they chanted words of support and appreciation for the trophy won by their team.