Ex AlShabaab leader Robow receives a heroic welcome in Baidoa

Former Al Shabab deputy leader Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansour on Friday arrived in the South West State capital Baidoa receiving a rapturous welcome from the locals and the regional administration.

He was accompanied by South West state officials and former Defense Minister Abdirashid Abdullahi.

He told reporters that he was scheduled to meet the President of South West State Shariff Hassan Adam among other leaders.

A large crowd gathered at the Baidoa airport to welcome the former militant leader who hails from the Bay and Bakool region.

Abu Mansoor defected to government in August.

The former Spokesman of AlShabaab was a commander of Baidoa when the militant group controlled the city.

Baidoa and the region provided one of the highest numbers of recruits for AlShabaab.
Abu Mansoor controls a sizeable number of militia who defected from Alshabaab after the leader fell ways with his former group.

Robow’s militia backed by South West State army and Ethiopian army have continued to wage war on Alshabaab.