Seychelles to Transfer Pirates to Somalia

Seychelles authorities will transfer convicted pirates to Somalia in December to serve their jail terms in Horn of Africa nation, Somali Foreign Ministry said.
In recent years, Seychelles was one of the several countries in East Africa and the Indian Ocean region carrying out pirate trials to combat piracy Indian Ocean.

Somali foreign minister, Yussuf Garad who visited the inmates in Seychelles said that a total of 15 prisoners who were sentenced in Seychelles will be handed over Somali government.
“During my visit, I met with 15 convicted prisoners who have some years to serve. Seychelles authorities are ready to hand them over to the government of Somalia in December,” said Garaad.
He confirmed that the archipelago authorities will be releasing a prisoner who completed his sentence.
“One of the convicted prisoners who completed his jail term will be released in December,” said Garad in statement.
The minister also visited six pirate suspects who were handed over Seychelles authorities following their arrest for attacks earlier this month off Southern Somalia.
“I met with six suspects who were claiming to be fishermen and lost direction after their boat developed mechanical problem,” he explained.
In 2011, Seychelles and Somalia signed an agreement paving the way for Somali prisoners to be repatriated.