Mogadishu’s Free Ambulance Service: A Godsend To Victims Of Violence

Somalia: While most people run away from the site of a bomb explosion, the dedicated staff members of the Aamin Ambulance company rush to the scene to offer first aid to victims and ferry the injured to hospitals. For the past ten years the rescuers have remained true to their calling, offering emergency medical aid to those in need.

Dr. . Abdulkadir Abdirahman Adan, the founder of the 24-hour free ambulance service in Mogadishu, says he was motivated to start the voluntary service by the deplorable state of health services in the city.

“When I came back to the country, there was a war going on and people were using wheelbarrows to get patients to hospitals. It led to deaths on the way to hospitals, the persons carrying the patient would be tired. That motivated me to respond and set up Aamin Ambulance services. It has helped to stop deaths,” Dr. Adan observes.

In a general climate of apprehension, Dr. Adan and his colleagues had to think seriously about the name they would use for the service to win the trust of the people. “The word Aamin, if I put ‘I’ before it, it becomes ‘Trust Me’. We chose this name because people in Somalia are not used to having volunteers. So, I wanted them to trust my voluntary service. I chose the name because I wanted their trust,”Dr. Adan explains.