Former PM Gedi Calls For Unity To Defeat Extremism In Somalia

Former Prime Minister, Professor Ali Mohamed Gedi has appealed for unity and working relationship between the federal and state governments to forge a common front against extremist groups in the country. Prof. Gedi who served as prime minister between 2004 and 2007 said the security challenges afflicting the country called for unity of purpose and support for the government to restore peace and order. “God made us people with power, education, with a sovereign state and possessing military personnel with patriotism. If we don’t combine all these and prevent the enemy from the country, we shall be recorded in history as people who evaded their responsibilities,” said Gedi.

The former PM’s remarks follows a twin bombing attack at Nasa Hablod II hotel in Mogadishu which claimed 27 lives and injured more than 30 others. Al-Shabaab, Gedi said relishes in the shedding of the blood of innocent Somalis in the name of fighting for a legitimate course. “The enemy pardons no one. They are not fighting the government but against the innocent civilians whom they kill every day. I appeal to all to stand up to them.”

He called on regional state leaders who are meeting in Mogadishu with President Mohamed Farmaajo to unite and fight the enemy together. “If we are not united, we shall never defend ourselves from the enemy and fail our people too. Let us all stand to defend our country wherever we may be.”